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Drawing Dunmore Town

Limited edition mixed-media works by Jacob Brillhart are now available at the Princess Street Gallery-Harbour Island, Bahamas.

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Looking beyond the subject and its formal constructions and details, these selected works seek toexplore the more ephemeral qualities of space that exist between subject and object: i.e.those atmospheric qualities that make us respond emotionally to space, such as light, sound, material presence, temperature, reflection, patina and memory. The paintings explore the sources and characteristics of atmospheres of buildings and landscapes throughout Harbour Island and Eleuthera–capturing how places feel.
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Voyage Le Corbusier

By Jacob Brillhart
Forward by Jean-Louis Cohen

Published in 2016.

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Voyage Le Corbusier collects a compendium of sketchbook drawings and watercolor of Charles Edouard Jenneret--a young student who would become the singularly influential modernish architect, Le Corbusier. Between 1907 and 1911, Jeanneret traveled through Europe and the Mediterranean documenting and sketching all that he saw. Tracing the steps of Le Corbusier, Jacob Brillhart excavates the “visual thinking” of the Le Corbusier, reproducing a selection of 175 drawings from these early sketchbooks. Brillhart revisits architectural history while providing a physical and intellectural road map for students, tavelers, and lovers of art and architecture.
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Chemistry of Space

University of Miami
School of Architecture


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In 2019, while I was still teaching at the University of Miami, we were asked to give a lecture about the office.

The exhibit, which accompanied the lecture, allowed us to reflect on past work as well as contemplate the future direction of the office, specifically exploring the spatial and atmospheric qualities in architecture that move or affect us emotionally.

Now that the office has grown, we are becoming less distracted by form and more interested in the “chemistry” of space – meaning how different materials make us feel; what history and memory and patina bring to a place; the importance of lightness, darkness and shadow; and so on.

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Travel drawings explore the link of research and design and suggest an alternative to subcontracting architectural form making to the parametric processes of the computer. Taken in context of today, this position also debunks the current model of representation –which is most often a seductive digital image with nothing more than curb appeal. The historic investment in the creative search – ie, travel drawing, writing, painting, and exposure to new cultural experiences - reintroduces a back-to-the-basics approach to the process of thinking, observing, and drawing.
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